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Frequently Asked BBQ Questions




When are you open?

Woodpile Clawson is open 7 days a week, Sunday-Wednesday 11a-8p, Thursday-Saturday, 11a-9p. Woodpile Madison Heights - Sun, Tues, Wed 11a-8p, Thurs-Sat 11a-9p, closed Mondays


Do you have seating?

We sure do! At Woodpile Clawson uro heated pergola has about 60 seats, and is protected from the elements and is available for seating almost all year round. Woodpile Madison Heights has a 60 seat fully indoor restaurant and bar


Where can I park?

Madison HeightsIn addition to the small parking lot, there is some street parking as well as 30 parking spots at Madison High School across the street. 

ClawsonWe do have a small parking lot available, but it does fill up fast (sorry friends!), but luckily there is a good amount of street parking nearby. In addition to steet parking around the building, there is a free lot about a block away, and we have partnered with the Church of Clawson to use their lot. We ask that you do NOT park in the Tavern on the Main lot, as they don't take too kindly to that.


Do you have beer or wine?

Of course we do! Week days we have canned beer and cider available for purchase, and Thursday -Sunday we have our bar open serving Michigan draft beers, wine, and mixed drinks (we try to stick with Michigan liquors as well)


How long do you smoke the meat?

It depends on what we're cooking; beef brisket, burnt ends, and pulled pork can all take upwards of 12 hours to be at its peak smoky and tenderness, ribs take 3-4 hours, chicken and sausage 1-2 hours. 


What kind of wood do you use?

Our go-to smoking wood is Hickory, and if we can get our hands on it, Cherry wood.


Why are some of my favorite meats sold out?

At Woodpile BBQ Shack we plan to only serve meat that was smoked that day, so you won't be getting anything reheated. This means that we cook only what we think we'll be able to sell that day and not have any waste. Since items like beef brisket and pulled pork take 10-12 hours to smoke, once we run out of them, we are out for the day. We will do our best to keep items with a shorter cook time available until closing, but can't make any guarantees.


My meat has some pink in it, is it cooked all the way?

Absolutely it is! The pink ring you might see on your brisket, ribs, or chicken is called a smoke ring and is typically a sign of barbecue smoked right. Our meats are all smoked for a very long time and are all fully cooked when we serve it, which is why it's always so tender.


What are burnt ends?

Burnt Ends are a delicious take on beef brisket. At Woodpile we take an entire smoked brisket, cube it into bite size pieces and smother them with our signature BBQ sauce. They then go back in the smoker for another hour or so until they're melt in your mouth delicious.


Do you cater?

YES! We cater events of all sizes, corporate lunches and dinners, weddings, graduations parties, fundraisers, anything and everything! If you're interested in Woodpile BBQ Shack catering your event please email us at or fill out the form on our catering page.


Do you deliver?

Kind of - We have partnered with GrubHub to offer delivery for most customers that live near-ish Clawson, just scroll down and click on the big white button that says 'Order Now on GrubHub'. 

For larger catering orders ($250+) we offer delivery with set-up and smoker service for an additional cost.


What do you have that is gluten free?

All of our meats are gluten free. Our slaw, beans, sweet potatoes and most of the time our seasonal veggie are all gluten free as well. Our sauces are also all free of gluten. If you have any allergy concerns please ask a Woodpile employee and they will be happy to address them.


Do you offer anything vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Our mac and cheese, slaw, cornbread, and usually our seasonal veggies are all vegetarian, as well as our ice creams. Unfortunately the only vegan option we have is our Seasonal Sorbet. While we would love to be inclusive of all diets, it is very hard to offer barbecue that has not had any contact with meat, as we only have one smoker. If/when we expand, we hope to add a veggie/meat-free smoker to our operation as well.



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